My ‘NOT-so-heavenly’ experience with Rose Essential Oil

Lately, I have been fascinated with essential oils. A lot of celebrities, bloggers and beauty experts swear by them. I too decided to try one. After extensive research, I zeroed in on rose essential oil by Aroma Magic. When it comes to essential oils, what’s better than ‘Aroma Magic’? It is one of my favourite beauty brands. I love its fairly vast range of face washes and face masks. Aroma Magic’s mineral glow scrub is my absolute all time favourite… Anyway, let’s stick to the topic – Rose essential oil (I have a bad habit of getting carried away… sowieee). I ordered one along with some other products from Nykaa.  Gosh…I literally waited for this one.




Thanks to the fast delivery, I got my package within two days. New beauty products, new books and new clothes give me a kind of “high”… So I was all pumped up to try this beauty potion on my skin. At night, after cleaning my face thoroughly, I added 3-4 drops of rose essential oil to my regular moisturizer and applied it.  It smelled heavenly. I felt a tingling sensation but ignored it thinking maybe this is how it works. The sensation too vanished after 5 minutes and I slept with dreams of dewy, glowy face next morning.


The next morning was the one of the rare mornings when I checked my face before my phone. But hey…this was not even close to what I was expecting. Oh no! 4-5 or more tiny-winy pimples popped up on my face. Let me tell you I do NOT have oily skin. My skin is dry and I apply a lot of moisturizer to keep it hydrated during winters. I never expected break outs on my skin. Anyway, this did not deter me from using it again. I had high hopes from this product. After all, so many bloggers can’t be wrong. So far, I read only positive reviews about this product.  So with a belief that it will work, I applied it again in the night. This time I applied only rose oil without any moisturizer.  Next morning, i checked my face and hey, say hi to 2 more tiny-winy pimples.  In short, I am really disappointed with the product.


  • Very nice smell.


  • Make you break out
  • A little pricey
  • Not good for sensitive skin

So that’s all about the product from my end. Btw, this has not deterred me from purchasing more essential oils. I am doing my research and I hope to find one that will compliment my skin. And I am not going to throw away this one. It smells heavenly after all.  I will probably figure out other ways to use it.  Any suggestions?


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